Triple Wall Corrugated Fabricator


Cherokee Packaging offers custom corrugated triple wall cartons, boxes and containers. The benefits of triplewall corrugated containers are numerous.

Save Space: Corrugated fiberboard containers can ship and store flat, saving valuable truck and warehouse space

Recycleble: Corrugated containers are completely recyclable, making the containers environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of when ready.

Light Weight: Corrugated fiberboard boxes are naturally light-weight, and can be customized to package your product according to your specifications


At Cherokee Packagaing we pride ourselves on providing you with corrugated fiberboard solutions that are right for your specific needs. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specs or if a custom solution is what you need, our team will help in determining the most appropriate design and materials. Our objective is to see that your product is packaged to arrive safely. Have a question about corrugated fiberboard containers? Contact us today at Cherokee Packaging.


SPECIFICATIONS: Triplewall Corrugated Carton Containers: ASTM D5168 - Standard Practice for Fabrication and Closure of Triplewall Corrugated Fiberboard Containers